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Our Camels

Our camels are etched in the history of Australia. They represent the hardships and spirit of adventure faced by early cameleers and have been embraced by indigenous communities in the heart of the country. Highly adapted to dry climates and fragile soils, no other domestic animal has been as useful to humans as the camel. Summer Land Camels captures wild camels from the Australian outback and trains them to produce award-winning dairy and skincare goods.

Camel Rides
Camel Dairy
Camel Farm
Baby Camel

Vision Statement

Summer Land Camels is passionate about connecting individuals and communities with Australian camels. 
Together, we deliver truly unique experiences and create pure and natural Camel Milk products to benefit your health and wellness. Realizing the full potential of our Australian Dromedaries in regenerative and sustainable agriculture, we solve a nationwide problem and drive a new era of development and productivity for all Australians, now and for future generations.

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