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Dairy range, fromage blanc, camel cheese

Hand crafted on the farm, our Camel Milk Dairy range is a luxe addition to any pantry and includes Milk, Cheese and Gelato. Treat yourself. VIEW STOCKISTS

Farm & Cafe Open Mon-Fri 9am – 3pm and Sun 9am -4.30pm. Feed and ride the camels. Farm tours available. ENQUIRE OR PLAN YOUR VISIT NOW


Naturally Potent Anti-Aging and Anti-Oxident cell regenerator

Contains more Immune Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals than any other milk

Composition is closer to human milk than any other milk

Nutrient dense with Essential Fatty Acids and Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Suitable dairy alternative for those with beta casein intolerance

Disease-fighting Immunoglobulins boost immunity with potent healing benefits for skin, hair and gut