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Summer Land Camels


Summer Land Camels believes we should live feeling authentically connected.Β 

Connected to the nature around us, our health and source of nourishment.


We focus on ethical, sustainable and organic farming principles. Over 550 Australian Camels graze on our lush native pastures grown in our volcanic mineral rich soil. Sustainable production of Camel Milk and Camel Milk products are our passion at Summer Land Camels. We want our customers to experience the richness and beauty of our farm through our products.

ANTI-AGING: Camel Milk is a potent Anti-Aging and Anti-Oxident cell regenerator

NUTRITIOUS: Camel milk contains up to 10 x more Vitamins and Minerals than any other milk

EASILY DIGESTED: Camel milk's composition is closer to human milk than any other milk

HEALTHY FATS & ACIDS: Camel milk contains Omegas 3, 6, 9 and Alpha Hydroxy Acids

PROTEIN: Camel milk is very high in Proteins and does not contain beta - Lactoglobulin.

IMMUNE BOOSTER: Camel milk has potent anti-inflammatory healing benefits for gut, skin and hair