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Four Must-Try Cocktails for World Cocktail Day

Four Must-Try Cocktails for World Cocktail Day

Today is World Cocktail Day, so if you have been looking for an excuse to have some fun with our amazing Vodka, then this is your chance!

Summer Land Camels' Small Batch Camel Milk & Honey Vodka is the first spirit in the world made from Camel Milk Whey and Honey.

Summer Land Camels Milk & Honey Vodka

Each batch consists of only 300 bottles of smoothly blended honey and camel milk whey from our pristine farm in Queensland’s Scenic Rim, carefully crafted and triple distilled. This vodka is characterised with floral notes of seasonal honey and a long clean warming finish.

And while it's deliciously smooth and perfect to drink straight up or neat, our Camel Milk Vodka is versatile enough to be paired with a wide range of other flavours including sweet, sour, savoury and spicy – to name a few.

Here are four of our favourite cocktail recipes:

Camel Cosmo

45ml Camel Milk & Honey Vodka
15ml Cointreau
30ml Cranberry Juice
Squeeze of fresh lime juice

Summer Land Camels Milk & Honey Vodka


Espresso Cameltini 

60ml Camel Milk & Honey Vodka
15ml Coffee liqueur
30ml Cold pressed coffee
7.5ml Cane syrup

Summer Land Camels Milk & Honey Vodka


 Chi Chi (Pina Colada with Vodka)

45ml Camel Milk & Honey Vodka
60ml Pineapple juice
60ml DIY Cream of Coconut

Summer Land Camels Milk & Honey Vodka

Moscow Ca-Mule

60ml Camel Milk & Honey Vodka
90ml Ginger beer
15ml Lime juice

Camel Milk & Honey Vodka

Have you tried our Camel Milk & Honey Vodka in your favourite cocktail yet?  Get in touch and let us know!

Cheers to Camels!

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