Camel Milk Vodka

The Sustainable Spirit

A World First

Unseen before in the world of spirits, discover a groundbreaking vodka with a wild backstory. 

Each batch consists of just 300 bottles, and is carefully crafted and triple distilled from camel milk whey from our pristine farm in Queensland’s Scenic Rim. Imparting a smooth and delicate character, this treasured whey gives our vodka its award-winning taste and prevents food waste at the same time.

With all those characteristics at play, this is a wonderfully unique drinking experience.

A truly distinctive, luxurious vodka.

Smooth. Dreamy. Exotic.


The sustainable whey

Here at Summer Land Camels, we are focussed on sustainability in everything that we do. After making our award-winning cheeses such as Marinated Persian Feta, Fromage Blanc, and Haloumi, we are left with high-quality excess whey. So we embarked upon a mission to unlock its full potential and create something unique for consumers who care about the origin of their food and beverages... and discovered that our camel milk whey is the perfect base for distillate!

  • Prevents food waste (3L per bottle)
  • Lower carbon footprint than traditionally distilled spirits
  • Lower water footprint than traditionally distilled spirits

“We are very proud of the provenance of this product - it really is a sustainable spirit.” Paul Martin, Director & CEO

This might just be the most sustainable spirit you ever drink. 

Artisanal dairy meets craft distillery

Our boutique vodka is carefully made in small batches in collaboration with Imbibis Craft Distillery. Using a specialised process to ferment the whey, the signature flavour is created. Due to the purity of the ingredients, it only needs to be distilled three times - ensuring that the delicate character is retained and maximum smoothness is achieved.

Absolutely sensational.

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Tasting notes

Beautifully smooth and characterful, this is not your average flavourless vodka.

Our Camel Milk & Honey Vodka features a blend of locally-sourced seasonal honey. Clean and delicious, characterised with a creamy mouthfeel, sweet floral notes of seasonal honey and a smooth warm finish.

Nose: Subtle on the nose with sweet caramel and floral notes that carry through on the palate.

Mouthfeel: A luxurious sensation that melts away seamlessly, leaving a smooth and even mouthfeel.

Palate: Creamy character with subdued vegetal notes that give way to a subtle grain influence.

Finish: Long, smooth and warm. Lingers with a delightfully pleasant peppery sweetness.

Serving suggestions

For your first taste, we recommend serving it chilled or on the rocks, or prepare with a simple citrus garnish. Then try mix it in a long drink or cocktail.

It is versatile enough to be paired with a wide range of other flavours and plays well with other ingredients - great for dropping sweetness and adding warmth.


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Camel Milk & Honey Vodka - Batch Sept/2018


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Happy customers from all over Australia and the world

“Is it nice? It’s a cracker: smooth and characterful, with caramel and floral notes on the nose that carry through on the palate. It would be a shame to mix something so unique, and so expensive; better to drink it neat with a little ice. Only question is, one hump or two? Boom boom, etc.”
– Ross Bilton, The Weekend Australian Magazine

"I’ve just received my first bottle of your Camel Milk & Honey Vodka. It is absolutely fantastic and I’ve had quite a few bottles and different brands! Yours is most definitely at the top of the list! One thing's for sure it’s pure quality so I’m happy. CHEERS keep up the good work."
- Tim Higgins

"The Camel Milk & Honey Vodka is the most amazing drink I've ever had. Def be back soon."
- Rosarna G

"Dreamy Camel Vodka. Summer Land Camels Vodka I gave a 5 star rating! Normally vodka is a spirit you can’t taste yet this amazing vodka has a full flavour with a mix of sweetness and bite as the taste kicks in. An asset to any home bar but to enjoy it to the fullest, take a trip out to the farm and have cocktails at Sunset with the camels! The view is pristine and romantic, and couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy a local spirit and support a great Queensland business.."
- Sharyn Young

The Summer Land Camels Difference

Here at Summer Land Camels, we work hard to make sure you get to experience the best.

We rescue wild dromedary camels from the Australian outback, where thousands of camels are culled. After they arrive on our farm, we carefully train and nurture them. One camel at a time, we contribute to solving a nationwide problem.

Building a sustainable industry that harnesses the incredible potential of these beautiful animals is what drives us every day.

We focus on ethical, sustainable and regenerative farming principles. Our camels forage on a special multi-species mix, grown in rich fertile soils on our pristine farm in Queensland’s Scenic Rim. We operate in harmony with the land. All of this shines through in the quality of our products.

Locally made

We’re proud to have crafted our rare vodka in a very special part of the world.

Every sip is a celebration of the pristine and vibrant Scenic Rim region.

Pure bliss.

Liquor Licence Number: 207642