Our Founders

jeff from summer land camels

Jeff Flood

CEO, Business Strategist, Biochemist and Nutritional Immunotherapist


Jeff’s family has been active in the Queensland Agricultural Industry since 1873. With over 14 years of global experience providing management and leadership, strategy, restructuring, acquisition, finance and technical expertise across multiple sectors. Jeff has authored white papers on strategic land use, food security and sustainable development.


He also has extensive knowledge and experience of over 20 years in biochemistry and physiology diagnostics with particular expertise in the innate immune system and optimising gut and organ health naturally.

paul from summer land camels

Paul Martin

COO, Sustainable Agricultural Scientist and Grazier


Paul was the #1 Grazier in Australia, two years running. With 27 years’ experience owning and managing cattle and grain properties across QLD and NSW, Paul has extensive knowledge in beef and sheep operations.


He has firmly established a reputation in the rural industries for being a highly motivated innovator with the early implementation of regenerative grazing techniques and holistic sustainable farm management. Paul has expertise and a proven track record of farming to build a resilient eco-system of flora and fauna and maximising land biodiversity in challenging environmental conditions.

Our Partnership

It is no accident that Paul Martin and Jeff Flood combined their respective expertise to produce the world’s finest quality camel milk – their partnership is truly unique.


When Jeff’s eldest child suffered severe eczema as a baby, he researched effective treatment of the root cause of the inflammation, rather than only treating symptoms.


Paul has a passion for nurturing biodiverse agricultural environments that maintain integrity and sustainability in every aspect of their function. He has decades of experience regenerating farmland, even during periods of drought.


Ultimately Jeff and Paul combined their skills to establish Summer Land Camel Farm which operates on biodynamic principles that ensure optimal health outcomes: both the camels’ nutrition in a pristine environment, as well as the health of their grazing land. The optimum diet our camels enjoy ensure that ours is the best tasting camel milk on the market, with the highest possible immune protein and nutritional content.

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Jeff has enjoyed a lifelong career in human health. He began his studies in biochemistry and physiology, continued with nuclear medicine and physiotherapy, and has decades of experience in nutritional immunotherapy and peri- and epi-genetics. His interests focused on diagnoses that weren’t immediately obvious to treating physicians. Jeff went far beyond western medicine, discovering studies that pointed to camel milk’s properties that work in sync with the human body’s physiology and bioscience. He learned there are similarities in the structure and bacterial makeup of the gut wall and the skin in humans (part of the innate immune system), which suggest both internal and external treatment with camel milk might assist in healing his son. When it became obvious that camel milk was unavailable in Australia, Jeff resolved to open a camel dairy so all Australians can access the range of health advantages that camel milk can offer. It’s a potent product that can help people recover from illness and maintain health.

Supporting healthy humans with our milk and Camel products means that the grazing land, the camels, and processing practices must also be healthy. We never compromise on the integrity and superiority of our product, and it is our mission to provide camel milk to all Australians at a price everyone can afford.

Summer Land Camels continues to research innovative ways of using Camel Milk and Camel products in therapeutic applications. Our philosophy is to minimise waste through nose-to-tail production processes. We rear our Camels with infinite care, treat them with great respect and make the most of the animals we raise.