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Can someone with dairy allergies drink camel milk?

Can Someone with Dairy Allergies Drink Camel Milk?

Camel Milk is often referred to as a “dairy alternative” because of its very different make-up to other types of dairy.  A Google search leads to many articles claiming that people who are lactose intolerant and/or allergic to dairy can safely consume Camel Milk. 

Is this true?  While we can’t say that it is true for everyone, we have many customers who tell us that although they are lactose intolerant, they enjoy Camel Milk and Camel Milk products with no symptoms whatsoever at all.

One of the more dramatic stories, shared below, is that of Lizzy Cleland who had a severe anaphylactic allergy to cow, goat and sheep dairy.

Lizzy Cleland has lived her whole life on the edge.  One small mistake has the potential to kill her if she doesn’t receive lifesaving treatment quickly.  Something as small as some dried milk stuck in the bottom of a glass can cause Lizzy to have an anaphylactic response requiring adrenalin injections and hospitalization.

In her 25 years on this planet, Lizzy has been hospitalized 30+ times because of her dairy allergy.  She is allergic to cow, sheep and goat milk and any contact to her skin causes a reaction – ingesting dairy is life-threatening.

When she was a baby and was started on formula her mother, a doctor, realized quickly that something was terribly wrong.  Lizzy says that throughout her childhood, she developed a lot of anxiety around food and it impacted her life significantly, as one would expect.

As Lizzy grew older and more aware of her body, she was always vigilant and became aware of early signs of reaction and she would self-administer adrenalin injections quickly to avoid a severe reaction.

Lizzy’s worst reaction was when she was 19 and she found herself in a situation where she was having an allergic reaction but wasn’t able to give herself adrenalin.  She was terrified, thinking that this might be the end.  Her reaction was so severe that once she got to the hospital, she had to have adrenalin administered intravenously 3 times as well as receiving it through a nebulizer.  

Dairy Allergies

Worst reaction in 2016. The skin on Lizzy's face was so swollen,

she couldn't make any facial expressions

In 2018, Lizzy started working at Summer Land Camels as a Cameleer and she learnt about how Camel milk is very different to other dairy as it doesn’t contain A1 proteins or betalactoglobulin.  She very carefully tested the milk on her skin – first on her wrist, then near her mouth.  Despite high levels of anxiety at this point, she had no reaction.  Adrenalin injection on hand, she put the glass of milk to her lips and drank some. And waited.

No reaction.  Despite having a severe, life-threatening dairy allergy that has put her in hospital over 30 times, she had no reaction at all to Camel Milk

Camel Milk is a great dairy alternative

2018 with her first bottle of Camel Milk

Since that time, Lizzy has been able to enjoy milkshakes, cheese platters with Camel Milk Persian Feta  and she said that she couldn’t believe how creamy porridge can be when it’s made with milk.  Having missed out on eating ice-cream for her entire childhood, Lizzy said that it is the creamy Gelato that is her favourite.  “I feel like I am a kid again!”

Other milk alternatives such as almond and oat milk don’t contain the same nutrients as dairy, so Lizzy was very pleased to find a “dairy alternative” in Camel Milk that is even more nutritious and full of goodness than traditional dairy.  And as an added bonus – it’s delicious!

Disclaimer: Everyone is different so what may work for some may not work for others. We recommend that you consult a health professional to seek advice for allergies and intolerances.



Where Can I Buy Camel Milk and Camel Milk Products?

Fresh Milk - Our award-winning Camel Milk is a great dairy alternative, and contains no beta-casein A1. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, healing immune proteins and its silky, smooth and clean texture makes it the best tasting milk for every occasion. You can buy fresh Camel Milk from our farm near Harrisville Qld or from a range of stockists in Southeast Queensland. For bulk orders, please place an order with us prior to your visit. Home delivery is also available to selected postcodes in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Where can I buy Camel Milk in Australia? 

Powdered Milk

Our fresh Camel Milk is freeze dried to lock in the pure goodness. Add some Camel Power to your day! A perfect addition to milkshakes, smoothies, or for adding to cooking. Available in 100g and 200g sealed packs.

  • Pure Australian Camel Milk
  • 100% Natural
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Rich source of vitamins and minerals
  • Halal Certified

Available from our farm or shop online.

Where can I buy Camel Milk powder?


Marinated Persian Feta

This soft, smooth Persian Feta made with fresh Camel Milk is rich and creamy with delicate flavours and a clean finish. Our award-winning handmade Feta is an superstar ingredient on its own or a versatile addition that will make any cheese board, antipasto, salad, soup, quiche or omelette, a stand out favourite.

Home Delivery Available for certain postcodes

Camel Milk cheese


Summer Land Camels is Australia’s Largest Camel Dairy and is located near Harrisville in the beautiful Scenic Rim, only 45 minutes from Brisbane and just over an hour from the Gold Coast and Toowoomba.

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