Camel Milk Dairy Products

On our farm we produce a range of premium Camel Milk dairy products
to enrich the everyday lifestyle of health-conscious individuals and families.

Our range of unique Camel Milk dairy products includes Camel Milk, Soft Cheeses and Gelato. As we are constantly extending our range there is always something new to try. To find out more about Camel Dairy health benefits click here

Camel milk

Summer Land Camel Milk

Our Award Winning camel milk does not contain beta-Lactoglobulin. It is rich in Vitamins, Minerals, healing Immune Proteins and its silky, smooth and clean texture makes it the best tasting milk for every occasion.

camel milk dairy products feta

Camel Milk Persian Feta

This soft, smooth Persian Feta made with fresh Camel Milk is rich and creamy with delicate flavours and a clean finish. Our handmade Feta is a super star ingredient on its own or a versatile addition that will make any cheese board, antipasto, salad, soup, quiche or omelette a stand out favourite.

camel milk dairy products

Camel Milk Fromage Blanc

Smooth, creamy and slightly tart, our Camel Milk Fromage Blanc is the only one of its kind in Australia. Hand-crafted with freshest Camel Milk straight from our Dairy, this delectable fresh soft cheese can be used alongside sweet or savoury flavour profiles.

camel milk dairy products

Camel Milk Gelato

Our naturally sweet Gelato range is indulgent and incredibly healthy. It is creamy, smooth and naturally low in fat. There are multiple flavours to tempt your taste buds including Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Honey and Macadamia and Mixed Berry.



“The cheese is so rich and creamy. It is very clean on the after palate and surprisingly low in acidity. It is delicious.” Chris McDonnell, Food & Beverage Procurement


“I’m really thrilled with the quality of the product. I’m having a great time playing with the cheese – it’s so beautiful.” Tori Haschka, Cookbook Author, Writer, Blogger


“In love with Summer Land Camels Salted Caramel Camel Milk Ice Cream.” Wild Canary Café, One of Brisbane’s Top 10 Cafes, Good Food Guide