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Vodka Bundle - 3 x 200ml

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Small Batch Camel Milk & Honey Vodka

World's first Camel Milk Vodka | Small Batch

Unseen before in the world of spirits, discover a groundbreaking vodka with a wild backstory. 

Each batch is carefully crafted and triple distilled from camel milk whey from our pristine farm in Queensland’s Scenic Rim. Imparting a smooth and delicate character, this treasured whey gives our vodka its award-winning taste and prevents food waste at the same time.

With all those characteristics at play, this is a wonderfully unique drinking experience.

A truly distinctive, luxurious vodka.

Smooth. Dreamy. Exotic.
This ultimate bundle includes:
  • 1 x Camel Milk Vodka 200ml
  • 1 x Camel Milk & Honey Vodka 200ml
  • 1 x Barrel-Aged  Camel Milk & Honey Vodka 200ml

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Liquor Licence Number: 207642

The Sustainable Whey

Here at Summer Land Camels, we are focussed on sustainability in everything that we do. After making our award-winning cheeses such as Marinated Persian Feta, Fromage Blanc, and Haloumi, we are left with high-quality excess whey. So we embarked upon a mission to unlock its full potential and create something unique for consumers who care about the origin of their food and beverages... and discovered that our camel milk whey is the perfect base for distillate!

  • Prevents food waste (3L per bottle)
  • Lower carbon footprint than traditionally distilled spirits
  • Lower water footprint than traditionally distilled spirits

“We are very proud of the provenance of this product - it really is a sustainable spirit.” Paul Martin, Director & CEO

This might just be the most sustainable spirit you ever drink. 


Craft Distillery

Our boutique vodka is carefully made in small batches in collaboration with Imbibis Craft Distillery. Using a specialised process to ferment the whey, the signature flavour is created. Due to the purity of the ingredients, it only needs to be distilled three times - ensuring that the delicate character is retained and maximum smoothness is achieved.

Absolutely sensational.

The Perfect Superfood for your skin

Camel Milk is one of the richest, natural sources of pre-biotics, anti-inflammatory lipids and immune supporting proteins available. It’s everything your skin needs to support, nourish and balance your skin biome.

The Perfect Gift!

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