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The Women of Summer Land Camels

The Women of Summer Land Camels

Today is International Day of Rural Women so we want to acknowledge the contribution of all the amazing women on the Summer Land Camels Team. 

For those who don’t work in the farming industry, it may seem like somewhat of a male-dominated profession, but that’s far from the truth! Women play essential roles in all areas of our operations, like many other women in farming around Australia.

We are so lucky to have a wonderful team of both men and women who really love what they do. Many of the roles that our female staff do are behind-the-scenes and most tasks are not glamorous, but they are all vital.

Since it's a special day, we'd like to share a little about some of these women - what they do, what they love about their job... and, of course, what they love about Camels. 

International Women's Day

Some of the Women of Summer Land Camels, 2020 Christmas Party


  Here are just a handful of the many women who are part of the Summer Land Camels Team...

Toni, Cameleer, Summer Land Camels

Toni Hall
Position: Camel Trainer

I like that we have a really good team here now and we all help each other when needed.  What I love about camels is, of course, Gully.❤️❤️I also love the challenge when they are difficult and you come together as one and they trust you. The bond you develop with them is like no other.

Jessica Royle, Summer Land Camels
Jessica Royle

Position: Dairy Farm Hand

Things I love about my job include beautiful sunrises, baby camels and working with a awesome bunch of people who love what they do.

What I love about camels is that they can be incredibly smart animals but also big babies at the same time. One minute they can be undoing a gate latch and escaping from a yard but then also be scared of a wheel barrow that has been left in a different spot and be afraid to walk past it. Always entertaining.

Sarah Stenton, Summer Land Camels
Sarah Stenton

Position: Dairy Processing Team Member

My role is anything to do with the processing of our Camel Milk and my favourite part is the making of our cheeses. It is a challenging but very rewarding experience!  The staff here at Summer Land are a great bunch of people, making working here so enjoyable. Having never had anything to do with Camels until working here, I have a newfound respect for these gentle giants.

Steff Hellweg, Summer Land Camels
Steff Hellweg 
Worked at SLC - 2016 to 2021

Position: Dairy, Processing and then Camel Trainer

I started working in both the Dairy and Processing in 2016. After we moved the company to Harrisville the Processing Department grew bigger so I focused on that in order to start developing all the dairy products that are available today. Later, I trained others to take on the role and I started working in Camel Training. To date, I must say that was the best position of all, because I could really bond with those beautiful animals. Henry was my favourite as he's simply a lovely soul. In saying that, there wasn't a single a camel I didn't like. They are all amazing creatures and I always call them gentle giants with a heart of gold.

Lesley Barnes, Summer Land Camels

Lesley Barnes
Position: Delivery Driver

I am a delivery driver for the milk products we produce.  I love my job because I get to drive all around the place and get to meet a lot of people.  I love driving up the drive to the farm and seeing the camels eating or running around. They just look peaceful.

Katharina Mohr, Summer Land Camels

Katharina Mohr
Position: Cameleer, Farm Hand 

I love being able to wake up every morning full of excitement, enthusiasm and joy for my job.  I go to bed every night looking forward to the next day, even after working with the camels 24/7. I being able to continue my learning journey.

I love Camels because I am amazed by their diverse characters, their kind spirits and their abilities in many ways. They are incredibly smart, kind, gentle, cheeky, multi-skilled,  communicative and very dangerous. Working with camels is a physical and mental challenge.

Carrie-Ann Wilson, Summer Land Camels

Carrie-Ann Wilson
Position: Marketing and Creative

I love what I do because it is exciting to be part of an emerging industry. I enjoy being surrounded by innovation, creativity, and a great team. One of the best perks of the job is seeing the baby camels, they’re ridiculously cute.

There is something very special about camels. I love their curious and gentle nature, and how clever they are. It’s always nice to get a good camel cuddle - they are very therapeutic.

Kate Bennie, Summer Land Camels

Kate Bennie
Position: Social Media Manager

I love being able to share the Summer Land Camels story and to see how the passion of our team translates into a wonderful discovery process by new visitors to the farm.

Every Camel is unique and I love how goofy, affectionate, clever and cuddly they are. 

Katie Verrall, Summer Land Camels

Katie Verrall
Position: Processing Team Leader

The challenge and reward of creating a unique product is what drives me to do a great job, but ultimately it’s the people I work with that makes working here amazing.

I’ve always been a fan of large animals and animal husbandry. Camels are so intelligent and have such a diverse range of uses that you can learn so much working with them. Plus I love the kisses they give 🥰.

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  • Interesting to read and having visited already must say love your products too. Camel rides coming up next holidays for my grandkids.


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