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Summer Land Camels Natural Skin Care

Harvested on our farm   |   Energised with bio-science   |   Enriched by age-old wisdom   |   To nourish you inside and out


Our Summer Land Natural Skincare is developed with your ultimate wellness in mind. Camel Milk has unrivalled moisture absorption, cell regeneration and collagen production properties. The unique molecular structure of the camel milk enables penetration to the lower layers of the skin and hair. This makes it more effective than any other natural skin care ingredient.



Why Summer Land Camels – Camel Milk?

Pure Liquid Camel Milk – At Summer Land we go to great lengths, researching and innovating. We identify the best methods to handle and process Camel Milk. We maintain integrity in our aim of only producing the best skincare products and to ensure that the Milk’s amazing benefits are delivered directly to your skin.


To ensure this happens we only use pure fresh Camel Milk, not powdered, that has not been subjected to damaging high temperature, high-pressure or chemical treatment processes that otherwise destroy the Milk’s valuable active ingredients.

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Our Milk is rich in healthy Vitamins and Minerals, especially B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Iron. It also contains disease-fighting Immune Proteins that boost the effectiveness of the immune system inside and out to provide potent healing benefits for the skin, hair and gut. For these reasons, it’s so important that our Milk is handled with ultimate care to ensure that our products are effective and enhance our customers’ health.


Our Camel Milk Skin Care products are free from:

+ Parabens

+ Petrochemicals


+ Sulphates

+ Synthetic Fragrances


Our Camel Milk Skin Care is:

+ Sustainable

+ Ethical

+ Pasture Raised

+ Australian Owned

+ Australian Made

+ Not tested on animals

+ Recyclable


Our Camel Milk Artisan Skincare Range includes:

+ Body Wash

+ Body Lotion

+ Hand Wash

+ Hand Soap

+ Hand Cream

+ Day Cream

+ Night Cream

+ Lip Balm

+ Shampoo

+ Conditioner


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The Science of How Camel Milk Works

Camel Milk’s core ingredients are suitable for all skin types and conditions. It’s jam packed with nutrients to enhance the immediate and long-term wellness of your skin and hair. Camel Milk molecules are smaller and more powerful than many of our own immune proteins, being able to penetrate our skin cells and fight off inflammation and disease causing agents. It naturally stimulates the epidermis to produce clear, hydrated, younger, brighter looking skin and healthier hair.


Camel Milk Active ingredients include:

+ Essential Fatty Acids

+ Alpha Hydroxy Acids

+ Vitamins and Minerals

+ Phospholipids

+ Immune Proteins

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Benefits of Active Ingredients in Camel Milk


+ Essential Fatty Acids: The nutrition that every cell needs. Omega oils 3, 6 & 9 are potent moisturisers that keep the skin supple soft and radiant.


+ Alpha Hydroxy Acids – essential for normal skin function. They improve the texture of skin through gentle exfoliation. AHA’S are a very small molecular structure that is able to pass through skin and stimulate the production of collagen.


+ Vitamins & Minerals – A powerful cocktail of vitamins A, B, C, D & E are all naturally abundant in camel milk. The Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging, reparative and enlivening properties of these vitamins protect your skin cells against oxidative stress whilst supporting natural skin rejuvenation to give you a youthful complexion.

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+ Phospholipids – Extremely effective antioxidant and hydration molecules for your skin. They support cellular communication and vital metabolic functions. They stabilize, protect and heal your skin by boosting collagen and elastin production and reinforcing the skins natural barrier function. They act as signaling molecules and carry camel milks other active ingredients directly to the deep layers of your skin.


+ Immune Proteins – Camel Milk contains very high concentrations of unique Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory and Immune Supporting Proteins. They stimulate, repair, regenerate and protect our skin from UV damage to produce flexible, strong and firm skin. Camel Milk Immune Proteins work to promote and balance the naturally healthy flora of our skin.

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