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Managing Eczema with Natural Camel Milk Skincare

Managing Eczema with Natural Camel Milk Skincare

Eczema is a skin condition that can induce redness, itchiness, dryness, and inflammation of the skin. It can be an extremely painful and debilitating condition.  Australia is among the top countries in the world when it comes to prevalence of eczema – 10 to 15% of the general population and up to one in three infants.  The severity of symptoms can range from causing discomfort to extremely debilitating, having a significant impact on quality of life.   

While it often isn’t clear exactly what causes eczema for many individuals, there is often an allergen, irritant or trigger that causes an inflammatory response.  It is this inflammation that causes the symptoms that are commonly known as eczema.

Common triggers of eczema

While the root cause of eczema isn’t fully understood, identifying and avoiding potential triggers while using Summer Land Camels Natural Camel Milk Skincare is a great way to control already inflamed skin and to manage flare-ups.

Maintaining skin wellness is essential to managing eczema symptoms and a healthy skin microbiome is a natural defence. Keeping your skin moisturised and nourished is a great first step to managing eczema and minimising symptoms.  While maintaining appropriate hygiene, it’s also important to avoid and minimise harsh cleansers and sanitisers that can damage the skin and can cause contact dermatitis.

Camel Milk is a superfood for the skin, containing many properties that protect, heal and nourish.  Among these amazing properties are high concentrations of immune proteins - unique anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and immune supporting proteins. They are smaller and more powerful than many of our own immune proteins, being able to penetrate skin cells and fight off inflammation and disease-causing agents. They penetrate the deep layers of your skin to stimulate collagen production to repair and regenerate, and protect skin from UV damage to produce flexible, strong and firm skin. Camel Milk immune proteins work to promote and balance the naturally healthy flora of our skin. 

In addition to using Camel Milk Skincare, there are also advantages to consuming Camel Milk. Research has shown that Camel Milk may be beneficial in managing allergies and inflammatory responses to allergens. Gut health and skin health are strongly interconnected and the disease-fighting immunoglobulins contained in Camel Milk boost the effectiveness of the immune system and provide potent healing benefits for the gut. 

Many of our wonderful customers have contacted us to tell us about the amazing results they have had as a result of using our Camel Milk Skincare.  Here are just a few of them.

John Barrow, Karana Downs

Eczema Camel Milk Skincare testimonial

“I have been battling eczema for nearly 30 years. I’ve been in and out of hospital getting treatment sometimes weeks at a time. I’ve had leading specialists in allergies flown up from Melbourne to help treat my eczema classing me as their third worst patient they have ever seen at the time. I’ve tried every treatment you can imagine. I have used goats milk products, steroids, steroid creams and ointments, special bathing routines and more. My grandmother used the old natural honey trick to help my eczema and nothing ever work over a long period of time. After years upon years of pain and suffering I am finally completely eczema free for around 18 months because of your skin care products. My wife saw a pack for sale in your cafe for skin care and purchased it. She used the facial cream and she swears by it and I use the hand cream. Within two days, the redness had disappeared and within a week my eczema had started to clear. Within the month I was completely eczema free. I am so grateful for your products it is literally the only product that have ever helped me to the point where I don’t have a single sore on my body.
I can’t thank you enough for the products you make!! Thank you!!”


Katrina H, Sydney

Hand eczema managed with Camel Milk Skincare

Katrina has a long history of bad eczema on her hands. “I had bouts of it in my 20s but it became quite bad after having kids in my early 30s. I went to dermatologists and tried all different range of steroid creams and other hand creams etc. It was so bad at one point that I would draw blood when itching.”

Katrina was gifted a bottle of Summer Land Camels Hand Cream and she has been using it for about 6 weeks. 

“After about 2 weeks of consistent use I really saw the dryness dissipate. My hands are just so much softer and the rough patches that used to be dry and where I would scratch have smoothed over. I’ve stopped itching and no more flaking skin. My hands feel much more soft to touch and skin feels more supple.” 

“I’m so thrilled to find this hand cream, not only for the reasons just mentioned but also because it made in Australia from a family-owned business and using natural ingredients. I’m also quite into essential oils so I love the infusion of the rose geranium and lavender too.” 

Before and after - managing eczema with camel milk skin care


Hayley C, Capalaba

Hayley’s daughter has severe eczema, and her poor little body has been covered in it, resulting in pain and extreme itching. Hayley has been using our Camel Milk Body Cream which she said has helped improve her skin and reduce the pain and itching. They also use our Shampoo and Conditioner.
Hayley believes that the more people that know about our products, the better, so she shared these “Before” and “After” photos with us that show great improvement in the condition of her daughter’s skin. As this is a severe case of eczema, Hayley’s daughter is currently seeing a doctor to help manage her condition.
natural eczema treatment



T Robertson, Springfield Lakes

“My 5 year old son has had eczema since he was a baby. Before the age of one he was awake for a few hours every night, restless and moving his legs to itch them until he would eventually fall back asleep. At his worst most of his legs were covered in the rash as well as patches on his arms and body. Advice from his doctor at the time was to treat the worst patches with steroid cream and to keep him moisturised.”

Childhood eczema managed with camel milk skin care

“Last September school holidays we went out for a camel ride and tour of the farm and I bought the Body Cream from the shop, as I had been looking for a more natural way to keep his skin moisturised. I found that the moisturiser absorbed very well without being greasy and there was a definite improvement in the dryness of his skin as well as the red eczema patches settling down. We have continued using the moisturiser on him over the past year and are no longer having to use steroid cream all the time. 

“I would recommend the moisturiser for anyone who doesn't like the feel of heavier moisturisers for eczema, it also has a great smell too!”

Jill C, Ipswich.

Jill’s grandson was born 17 weeks premature so has multiple conditions, one of which is that he's allergic to a lot of things that his skin comes into contact with. When his family moved to a new house, he got eczema from the grass. He’s now aged 2 ½ and his mum started using Summer Land Camels Body Cream after Jill purchased it for them during a visit to the farm.

The first photo of his legs was after 1 week of using the Camel Milk Cream so this doesn't show how bad his legs were. Jill says that they were literally bleeding from him scratching them. The second photo is a recent one – his legs have some scarring and occasional dry skin but he isn’t suffering from painful eczema anymore.

They are now using the Body Cream on mostly a daily basis to maintain skin health and to treat any dry skin patches as they appear.

Eczema results with Camel Milk Skincare

Kate Bennie, Boonah 

Managing eczema with natural skin care testimonial

"I have suffered from eczema since I was a child – nearly 40 years.  At its worst, my hands were cracked and bleeding and I had to apply cortisone cream and wrap my hands each night just to heal them a bit.  I found that most moisturisers just made it worse but then after many years, I found a moisturiser that didn’t fix it but also didn’t irritate it more.  I managed my regular flare-ups with cortisone cream and my hands looked like they belonged to an old woman."

"When I first heard about Summer Land Camels Skin Care I was sceptical. I had been burnt too many times with creams that claimed to be natural but created irritation.  When I started working at Summer Land Camels, I started learning more about the benefit of camel milk to the skin and I gave it a go.  Initially I felt instant relief due to the effective moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects of the cream.  My hands felt so much better but it took more time to eliminate flare-ups.  After about 2 months of consistent use I no longer had flare-ups and I no longer had to use cortisone cream.  Now I have not used cortisone cream in approximately 2 years.  I use the Body Cream on my hands multiple times per day and daily on my arms and legs.  I always have a few Hand Creams in the cupboard as it’s the perfect last-minute gift – everyone loves it!"

Brigitte Powell

Spending most of her life suffering from eczema, Brigitte had tried many things including cortisone creams to help clear the condition, however all with little improvements.

Working as a physical education teacher has required Brigitte to clean all the used equipment with disinfectant, wash her hands more frequently, use hand sanitiser before, during and after each teaching lesson, all which can be very damaging to the skin. Her hands became dry, sore and painful and at times would bleed due to the cracks in her skin.

After seeing a segment about Summer Land Camels and the Camel Milk Artisan Skincare Range on Queensland WeekenderTV, she decided to try the Camel Milk Body Cream to treat her eczema and sore hands, as everything else she had tried that stated to treat or provide relief from eczema had little effect. Additionally, Brigitte wanted a natural product that was free from chemicals that she could use every day.

The results were amazing.

“Within two days of using the body cream I noticed a significant difference. My hands are no longer dry, split, itchy or bleeding, even with all the hand washing, sanitiser and disinfectant,” said Brigitte. “I love the smell of the body cream and that it’s a natural product. But most of all, I’m the most impressed that it has actually cleared up my eczema. I still can’t believe this! Bugger all the chemical stuff!"

“I will continue to use this product as it works for me, and it’s natural for my skin.”

Products we recommend for managing eczema

Our products have specifically been designed to help foster skin wellness and to help manage skin conditions such as eczema. They are all natural, safe to use on babies and children and contain no nasties - no PARABENS, PETROCHEMICALS, SLS, SULPHATES, SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES.  We use pure Camel Milk that is ethically and sustainably produced on our farm.


Camel Milk Hand Cream Summer Land Camels Hand Cream

Rose Geranium & Lavender

Repairing & Soothing | Suitable for all Skin Types - Dry or cracked skin 

A protective and repairing hand cream for busy hands. Packed with the healing properties of blended botanicals of Camel Milk, Jojoba Seed Oil, Avocado & Coconut Oils, Aloe vera, and Vitamins A, E & D3. Along with essential oils of Geranium & Lavender restores skin smoothness, hydration & beauty to hands.

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Camel Milk Body Cream

Summer Land Camels Body Cream for eczema 

Sweet Orange & Lavender

Nurturing & Protecting | Suitable for all skin types particularly dry and or damaged skin 

Camel Milk is saturated with vital immune and potent anti-aging proteins to soothe and revive your skin. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential omega oils. Other ingredients such as jojoba & macadamia seed oil, avocado and olive fruit oils, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Along with essential oils of Sweet Orange & Lavender to produce an exquisite body cream to truly nourish your skin.

For young sensitive skin that is red and raw, we suggest adding a few squirts into a bath (swirl it around to mix it in) for the first couple of days.

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Camel Milk Hand Wash

Summer Land Camels Hand Wash

Lime & Lemon Myrtle

Anti-bacterial & Refreshing | Suitable for all Skin Types

A deep cleaning hand wash for busy hands enriched with Camel Milk, Aloe vera, Horsetail Extract, Calendula Extract, and Chamomile Extract. Along with refreshing essential oil of Lemon Myrtle is anti bacterial & antifungal for a thorough clean.

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Camel Milk Body Wash

Summer Land Camels Body Wash

Rose Geranium & Lavender

Refreshing & Hydrating | Suitable for all Skin Types - A truly universal natural skincare treatment

This beautiful rich multi tasking cleansing gel blended with Camel Milk, Aloe vera, Horsetail Extract, Calendula, and Chamomile Extract. Essential oils of Geranium & Lavender aid in restoring skin’s PH while gently cleansing leaving the skin totally refreshed hydrated, soft and clean.

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For the Face

Camel Milk Day and Night Cream Summer Land Camels

Rejuvenating Day Cream

Rose Geranium & Patchouli

Protective & Restorative | Suitable for All Skin Types – A truly a universal natural skincare treatment

Our rejuvenating Camel Milk day cream has a potent blend of ingredients to help maintain skin health and nourishes the skins biome. Camel Milk, Grape seed oil, Vitamin B5, Bladderwrack Seaweed, and Licorice Root. Along with essential oils of Geranium & Patchouli assists in restoring skin moisture levels deeply hydrates and protects skin against environmental stress and free radical damage.

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Anti-Aging Night Cream

Rose Geranium & Lavender

Anti aging & Brightening | Suitable for all Skin Types - particularly dull skin that is showing visible signs of aging

Our rich, nurturing & soothing Camel Milk night cream that help fight the visible signs of aging. The natural vitamins & minerals found in camels' milk can assist the skin to maintain biome and address skin ageing concerns combining with these other powerful ingredients. Camel Milk, Jojoba & Macadamia seed oils, Vitamin B3 & Vitamin E, Mango & Cocoa seed butters, Licorice Root, and Essential Oils of Geranium & Lavender.

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Camel Milk Powder

Our fresh award-winning Camel Milk is freeze dried to lock in the pure goodness. Add some Camel Power to your Day! A perfect addition to milkshakes, smoothies, or for adding to cooking. Available in 100g and 200g re-sealable bags.

Pure Australian Camel Milk

100% Natural

No additives or preservatives

Rich source of vitamins and minerals

Halal Certified

Share your story

If you are trying our skincare to manage a skin condition, then please take before and after photos!  We’d love to share your results so that we can help even more people.  Please get in touch!

Disclaimer: Everyone’s skin is different so what may work for some may not work for others. We recommend that you consult a health professional to seek advice for eczema treatment.

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