The Australian Wild Camel Corporation

Summer Land Camels is owned and operated by The Australian Wild Camel Corporation (TAWWC). TAWWC purchased Summer Land Camel Farm in 2015 and is supported by the Federal and State Governments. Initiated following a seven-year review of global markets and supply chains, TAWCC operates the largest commercial Camel Dairy and Milk processing, Camel breeding and farming operation outside of the Middle East.


TAWCC was established based on global key drivers including:

  • A rapidly growing global consumer demand for organic, high quality, safe, nutritious, dairy alternatives
  • The Australian environment is geographically, climatically and ecologically ideal for Camels
  • Significant global demand with a shortage of supply of Camel Meat, Camel Milk and non-pharmaceutical Nutraceuticals
  • Growing demand for non-toxic Skin Care products to treat immune and inflammatory conditions


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