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Camel Milk Stars on My Kitchen Rules

Camel Milk Stars on My Kitchen Rules

Camel Milk is in the spotlight again on the national stage after Ibby and Romel finished their amazing menu with a Middle Eastern Dessert featuring Camel Milk.

The My Kitchen Rules episode aired on Wednesday 6thFebruary 2019 and documented the “Instant Restaurant” of Sydney Socialites, Ibby and Romel who focused on including Middle Eastern flavours, with a modern twist.

Camel milk was the perfect choice to use in this dish, as the unique molecular structure of the milk creates such a smooth and creamy texture.  The crisp clean flavour of the camel milk creates an extra dimension and depth to the dessert, making it truly unforgettable.

Their guests were treated to a divinely styled setting (they used professional decorators) and a well-planned and perfectly executed menu that showcased Ibby’s Lebanese heritage while adding a distinctly modern flair.

After an entrée of Lamb Shawarma and the Main Snapper Sayadieh, Ibby and Romel revealed that the final course would be made with 50% Camel Milk.

The other contestants responded with reactions ranging from bewilderment to anticipation, depending on their prior knowledge of how amazing and delicious Camel Milk actually is.

In the discussion around the table, another contestant, Josh asked a question that made us chuckle – “So, do Camels have udders?”  Josh really needs to take a visit to our farm and come on a tour! Good on him for wanting to know more about camels, though, and judging from his reaction to the dessert Josh has quickly become a fan of Camel Milk.

Quietly confident, Ibby and Romel presented their dish, WHITE CHOCOLATE SAHLAB MUHALABIEH to Pete and Manu. It’s a simple recipe but the judges commented on the difficulty in getting it to set so perfectly. 

A perfect TEN

The judges loved the camel milk dessert and commented that it was even better than panna cotta. The addition of white chocolate was a clever way to add some sweetness to the dessert and the inclusion of rose water, fruit and mint, along with the roasted pistachios, created a perfect dessert experience.

Not surprisingly, it scored a perfect TEN from both Pete and Manu. 

It was interesting that there was some controversy resulting from the fact that this dessert is actually on the menu of one of the restaurants that Ibby owns in Sydney. 

While they aren’t professional chefs, it has been questioned whether they still has an unfair advantage. 

Here at Summer Land, all we know is that we are huge fans of Camel Milk and now we are huge fans of Ibby and Romel because of the fantastic job they did in showcasing Camel Milk to Australian viewers.

Here’s the recipe so you can make it at home, and here’s where you can buy our award-winning Camel Milk.

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