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All About Summer Land Camels

All About Summer Land Camels

Summer Land Camels’ founder and CEO Paul Martin is passionate about Camels and all they have to offer. Many of the visitors to our farm are initially surprised to learn that camels are such friendly, intelligent and gentle creatures that have so much to offer humanity.

Paul Martin, Summer Land Camels CEO

Based at Harrisville in Queensland’s Scenic Rim region, Summer Land Camels is Australia’s largest camel dairy and is the world’s largest wild camel training centre.  When you visit, you will have the opportunity to learn about these amazing creatures and interact with them. You may find that you leave with a newfound respect, or perhaps even new affection, for them.

Camel Farm Experience

Camel Farm Experience

When you enter our farm your eyes are immediately drawn to the calm creatures in the paddocks either side of the driveway. In the yards right near the café, friendly camels wait to greet you with a cuddle and maybe even a kiss. Ever eager to be hand fed by visitors, they are the perfect models, posing while you take a “selfie” with them.

Camel Farm Queensland Australi

The Tour & Taste Farm Tour is a behind-the-scenes tour that is a must if you want to learn all about camels and the true history and role of camels in Australia. Our new interactive Cameleer Experience is highly entertaining and will leave you with a new appreciation for these unique and quirky creatures. 

Another way to experience camels is to take a camel ride. It’s a unique and memorable experience that is popular for both children and adults. For the more adventurous, the Sunrise Camel Ride  is a fantastic option!  Feel the magic and serenity as you settle into a peaceful ride around our 800 acre property aboard our gentle ‘camel caravan’, the same mode of transport used by early outback pioneers. From 9am our Homestead Cafe offers meal options (not included in the booking) as well as fresh camel milk products and other delicacies for purchase. 

Sunrise Camel Ride and Breakfast

The Homestead Café is a peaceful setting to enjoy lunch, take in the stunning views, and sample our award-winning Camel Milk products from our menu. Our Camelcinos and Camellattes come very highly recommended, as does our delicious gelato.

Sustainable Agriculture

In all aspects of the operations at Summer Land Camels, sustainability is key and this literally starts from the ground up. Paul has over 30 years’ experience in biodynamic holistic farming techniques and land regeneration which contributes to building a resilient farm eco-system without the use of chemicals, insecticides or pesticides.

We care for the camels with low stress handling techniques and ensure the herd structure is respected and the mother and calf bond is maintained throughout.  Most of our camels were brought in from the desert in Central Australia, where they would otherwise be inhumanely culled. Our larger vision, supported by the Federal and State Governments, is to turn what is considered a national agricultural challenge into one of the country’s largest assets, by saving camels from being culled and supporting human health with the milk they produce.

Camel Dairy Products

Summer Land Camels has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to developing new products with Camel Milk, with an emphasis on preserving the amazing health benefits of the milk.

One area that has been particularly successful is the development of Camel Milk cheese. Although Camel Milk is notoriously difficult to make into cheese, our team has been able to create Persian Feta, Fromage Blanc, Haloumi and even cheddar. (Currently only our Feta is available for purchase).The unique structure of the milk, with the small fat and protein molecules makes cheeses with a delicate, smooth and creamy mouthfeel and the taste is second to none.

The Persian Feta is a favourite with guests to their farm, and it has won several awards, including Gold in the Sydney Royal Show and was awarded CHAMPION in the non-bovine cheese category at The Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show 2021. 

Camel Milk Persian Feta

As delicious as Camel Milk cheese is, perhaps the most astounding thing is that the cheese, along with all Camel Milk dairy products, can be consumed by people with dairy sensitivities and lactose issues.

Camel Milk

Camel Milk & Honey Vodka

Those who enjoy drinking spirits must try the Small Batch Camel Milk & Honey Vodka – another world first.  Made with the precious Camel Milk whey that is a by-product of making the cheese, this vodka is a delight.  Each batch consists of only 300 bottles of smoothly blended honey and Camel Milk whey, carefully crafted and triple distilled. This vodka is characterised with floral notes of seasonal honey and a long clean warming finish.

Camel Milk & Honey Vodka

Camel Milk Powder

Our newest product to hit the shelf is our long-awaited Camel Milk Powder.  Camel Milk is in high demand around the world – Australian Camel Milk in particular, but there are challenges in transporting and storing the fresh milk.  In order to make our award-winning fresh milk available to more people, we now have our Camel Milk powder - freeze-dried to lock in the pure goodness. It’s a perfect addition to milkshakes, smoothies, or for adding to cooking. Available in 100g and 200g re-sealable bags.

 Camel Milk Powder

Our Camel Milk Powder won GOLD at the 2021 Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show. We had some great feedback from the judges - they couldn’t believe how close it was to fresh milk when reconstituted.

Camel Milk Skincare

When it comes to skin health, Camel Milk is a saviour for many people.  For thousands of years, Camel Milk has been treasured for its benefits to hair, skin and beauty. It is said that Cleopatra regularly bathed in Camel Milk to enhance her beauty.

Camel Milk is a superfood for the skin - rich in healthy vitamins and minerals, and contains disease-fighting immunoglobulins, providing potent healing benefits for the skin biome. The unique milk structure can penetrate lower layers of the skin and provide everything that is needed for healthy, younger, and brighter looking skin.

Our award-winning Body Cream is our most popular product and for good reason.  Many of our customers testify that it they have seen significant improvement in conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry damaged skin and more.

Our Complete Artisan Range includes our Rejuvenating Day Cream, Anti-Aging Night Cream, Camel Milk Hand Wash, Camel Milk Hand Cream, Camel Milk Body Wash, Camel Milk Body Cream, Camel Milk Shampoo, Camel Milk Conditioner, Lip Conditioner and Cleansing Bars.

 Camel Milk Skincare

Visit us at Summer Land Camels

Combining our award-winning products with a true farm-to-plate experience where visitors can interact with our friendly camels in a number of ways makes Summer Land Camels unique.

And, as visitors to Summer Land Camels quickly learn, there’s a whole lot more to camels than meets the eye.


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