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Healing Damaged Skin with Camel Milk Skincare

Healing Damaged Skin with Camel Milk Skincare

As a result of chemical burn due to using hair dye, Kim Biddle was experiencing terrible itching, burning and open weeping sores. She tried everything she could including steroids, antibiotics and a range of creams and lotions. She tells us that nothing really worked until she tried our Camel Milk Skincare. 

Here's what she told us:

“I’m loving your skincare range!

About the 26th of June I dyed my fringe and the underneath and under sides of my hair with a dark dye.  I am allergic to PPD (para-phenylenediamine) in hair dye which resulted in me burning my head severely. It caused sores that were open and weeping.

I was given course steroids antibiotics and specialised skin creams . Nothing really worked. I purchased so-called “all natural” products from the pharmacy. Anything to try to heal it and to stop the burning and itching! Nothing really helped.

I am a big make up wearer and a skin care addict, usually using high potency active skin care brands but at this time, I found that I couldn’t use either.

I had to cut my hair off. I couldn’t comb my hair, style it or use products in it.

My daughter and her family went to your farm and purchased your soaps for me to try. I then went to your website and ordered your big pack of Camel Milk Skin Care that was on special.

Before and after photos showing healing of skin damage

I noticed it eased my itching pretty much straight away and has taken the redness out of my rash and given a calmness and smoothness to my skin.

I now can go back to wearing makeup and I’m even sleeping better without itching as much.

I have since tried my usual shampoos and skin care but they either tingle or burn and irritate my skin immediately. I have to wash it all off with your soap and products to re-calm my skin.

Following this, I also had a staph infection running through my body.  I had itching spots like chicken pox on my back and tummy. No other creams, powders or anything has helped stop the insane itching. Your products are definitely helping.

I recently purchased online more of your camel milk skin care products and I also bought some camel milk from Market Organics in Ipswich.

The before and after photos show results after using the soap for about 2 weeks and the skincare products for over a week.

I would highly recommend everyone with any skin damage to try your products.” 


Everyone’s skin is different so what may work for some may not work for others. We recommend that you consult a health professional to seek advice for skin treatment.

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