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Celebrating Excellence in Tourism: Summer Land Camels Awarded Best of Queensland

Celebrating Excellence in Tourism: Summer Land Camels Awarded Best of Queensland

We are pleased to share that Summer Land Camels has recently been honoured with a prestigious Best of Queensland Award, securing an impressive 95 out of 100 points for the fifth year running. But what exactly does this accolade signify, and what is the Best of Queensland Experiences Programme (BOQEP)?

The Best of Queensland Experiences Programme is a pioneering initiative designed to elevate the tourism industry in Queensland by delivering exceptional and transformative experiences to visitors. Spearheaded by Tourism and Events Queensland, this programme meticulously evaluates tourism experiences listed on against a comprehensive set of criteria. These criteria encompass a variety of metrics, ranging from online traveller reviews and recommendations to social media engagement. Through this rigorous assessment process, tourists can rest assured that their Queensland experience will be nothing short of unforgettable.

Operators recognised as Best of Queensland Experiences receive a distinctive 'Stamp of Recognition' on, signifying their status as some of the most outstanding performers in the industry. This stamp serves as a beacon for travellers seeking excellence, guiding them towards experiences that have garnered praise from customers and have demonstrated excellence across various best-practice criteria.

One of the remarkable aspects of the BOQEP is its dynamic nature. Recognising the evolving landscape of travel and tourism, Tourism and Events Queensland conducts annual assessments to ensure that the Best of Queensland Experiences remain at the pinnacle of excellence. This commitment to continual improvement ensures that visitors to Queensland can consistently access top-tier experiences that meet and exceed their expectations.

As travellers increasingly rely on online reviews and recommendations to inform their decisions, their feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the Best of Queensland Experiences Programme. Visitors are encouraged to share their positive experiences by leaving reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, Ctrip, and more. By amplifying the voices of satisfied travellers, the programme not only celebrates excellence but also fosters a community of tourism enthusiasts dedicated to sharing the best that Queensland has to offer.

For those eager to discover the best that Queensland has to offer, the Best of Queensland Experiences Programme provides a valuable resource. Whether embarking on a coastal adventure, exploring the vibrant urban landscapes, or immersing oneself in the rich cultural tapestry of the region, travellers can rely on the BOQEP to guide them towards unforgettable experiences.

Want to know more about Summer Land Camels experiences?

Summer Land Camels is Australia’s largest Camel dairy and the world’s largest wild camel training centre. Nestled in the picturesque Scenic Rim, near Harrisville in the Greater Brisbane region, our sanctuary offers an immersive experience with these remarkable creatures. A visit to our farm promises not only insight but also a chance to forge a deeper connection with camels, leaving you with newfound respect or perhaps even affection for them.

Camel Farm Experiences

Embark on our Farm Tour & Taste, an enlightening behind-the-scenes exploration where you'll unravel the history and significance of camels in Australia. Our interactive Cameleer Experience guarantees entertainment and a fresh perspective on these uniquely charming creatures.

For a hands-on encounter, opt for a camel ride, a distinctive and unforgettable experience beloved by both children (4 years+) and adults alike. For the intrepid souls, the Sunrise Camel Ride offers a fun adventure. Feel the tranquillity as you embark on a serene journey aboard our gentle ‘camel caravan’, reminiscent of the transport mode favoured by early outback pioneers.

The Homestead Café provides a tranquil haven to relish lunch, soak in breath-taking vistas, and savour our award-winning Camel Milk products showcased on our menu. Indulge in our highly recommended Camelcinos and Camellattes, or treat yourself to our delectable gelato, offering a delightful conclusion to your camel-themed adventure.

Accessible Tourism

At Summer Land Camels, our mission is to foster connections between individuals and communities through the marvel of Australian Camels. We're committed to creating inclusive experiences that welcome everyone, ensuring that all visitors can enjoy intimate encounters with these majestic animals.

Eric and Fiona from Cherie's Country Care recently shared their experience with us and you can read it here.

Inclusive Tourism at Summer Land Camels:

  • Wheelchair Access: Our café features a wheelchair lift for ease of access, catering to individuals with restricted mobility, prams, and other requirements. Simply approach our staff for assistance.

  • Dietary Needs: We accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian diets. Please refer to our menu for options.

  • Companion Cards: Carers Cards are accepted for Farm Tours.

Farm Tours:

  • Our Farm Tours are designed to cater to diverse needs, welcoming individuals in wheelchairs, seniors, children, and those with mobility issues. Book now to secure your spot.

Camel Rides:

  • Our experienced staff are adept at ensuring the safety and suitability of camel rides for individuals with disabilities. We're praised for our attentive care towards visitors with special needs.

  • For parents of children with autism or anxiety, we understand the concerns regarding camel rides. If your child changes their mind, we offer credit vouchers or store credit for the ride amount.

  • While companion cards aren't accepted for Camel Rides, our cameleers may permit a parent or carer to walk alongside the camels to maintain contact with the participant.


  • Email to explore inclusive packages tailored to groups with specific needs. The minimum group size is 10 paying adults.

At Summer Land Camels, we're dedicated to ensuring that everyone can partake in and enjoy our experiences. If you require assistance during your visit, please don't hesitate to ask our staff, who will strive to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible.



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