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Camel Milk Natural Skincare Relieves Sore, Dry Hands and Eczema

Camel Milk Natural Skincare Relieves Sore, Dry Hands and Eczema

Spending most of her life suffering from eczema, Brigitte had tried many things including cortisone creams to help clear the condition, however all with little improvements.

Working as a physical education teacher has required Brigitte to clean all the used equipment with disinfectant, wash her hands more frequently, use hand sanitiser before, during and after each teaching lesson, all which can be very damaging to the skin. Her hands became dry, sore and painful and at times would bleed due to the cracks in her skin.

After seeing a segment about Summer Land Camels and the Camel Milk Artisan Skincare Range on Queensland WeekenderTV, she decided to try the Camel Milk Body Cream to treat her eczema and sore hands, as everything else she had tried that stated to treat or provide relief from eczema had little effect. Additionally, Brigitte wanted a natural product that was free from chemicals that she could use every day.

Skin on hands restored

The results were amazing.

“Within two days of using the body cream I noticed a significant difference. My hands are no longer dry, split, itchy or bleeding, even with all the hand washing, sanitiser and disinfectant,” said Brigitte. “I love the smell of the body cream and that it’s a natural product. But most of all, I’m the most impressed that it has actually cleared up my eczema. I still can’t believe this! Bugger all the chemical stuff!

“I will continue to use this product as it works for me, and it’s natural for my skin.”

Suitable for all skin types

Suitable for all skin types and daily use, Summer Land Camel Milk Artisan Skincare Range is made with natural ingredients and is free from nasties. These natural ingredients are blended with fresh and pure, liquid camel milk, which is sourced from our ethical, biodynamic farm.

Camel Milk will repair, protect and restore your skin and offers natural skin nutrition and support no matter the skin condition. It is one of the richest, natural sources of vitamins, minerals and immune proteins that help with skin nutrition, repair, protection and rejuvenation.

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– Brigitte Powell – Body Cream Review



Everyone’s skin is different so what may work for some may not work for others. We recommend that you consult a health professional to seek advice for eczema treatment.

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  • My daughter is suffering from Ezema. Please suggest the suitable product to remove this eczema.


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