Weddings At Summer Land

Your wedding day should be perfectly intimate and unforgettable.


Most weddings are about the flowers, the guests, the choices, the COST, and the part about you and your partner sharing an incredible celebration of your love for each other comes second place to Aunty Jane’s gluten free, keto, paleo, nut-free children and why Uncle Bob can’t sit beside Edna like some horrible reality TV show. Uhhggg!




Make your wedding the intensely romantic, intimate and authentic ceremony you’ve always dreamed of.


Take the pressure, anxiety and the family drama away by making it all about you and the one that you love and not about pleasing every single family member or conforming to traditions. This is YOUR day.

The perfect venue for your romantic country wedding.


Summer Land is an amazingly beautiful farm in the Scenic Rim, only 45 minutes from Brisbane and 75 minutes from the Gold Coast. Surrounded by rolling green hills and pastures, with a backdrop of multiple world heritage national parks, the 850-acre property is the perfect location to create your special memory.


Whether you choose to hold your intimate ceremony under towering gum trees, the running creek or by our beautiful homestead, you’ll feel a million miles away from the city engulfed by the fresh country air and the love of your partner.

Do it your way.


Elope and create the most intimate and beautiful moment of your lives.


Elope and create a ceremony that is truly a representation of your love for each other. Say exactly what you want to say in your vows.


Dress the way you want to dress. Arrive the time you want to arrive. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Get back to pure nature and pure love.


Packages from $2,495