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Established in 2015, Summer Land Camel Farm is an 850-acre property in the pristine Scenic Rim of Queensland, just 45 minutes outside Brisbane. Our Camel Dairy is the largest commercial-scale Camel Dairy operation outside of the Middle East and the third largest of its kind in the world. Our farming practices, animal care and product manufacturing maintain the highest global standards. The unequivocal integrity and efficacy of our products is defined by our undeniable commitment to quality.



Our Farm is our heart and soul and operates on highly valued principles of sustainability and biodynamics. We work in harmony with the seasons. Holistic methods of agriculture cultivate the farm’s eco-system to ensure the best environment for our Camels, our People and our Visitors.

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Our Camels roam the open pastures and graze on native vegetation grown in mineral rich soil. Supplemented by a rich diet of sustainable plant feed, we take ultimate care of our animals and their diet to ensure the milk they produce is the finest on earth. Natural mineralised Spring water from the farm is used to grow the feed crops and water the Camels which ultimately produces the healthiest, best tasting milk that goes into our products.


Our on-site Dairy and Skin Care Lab are designed to minimise our environmental footprint. We guarantee the quality of our Milk by eliminating the transportation from where it is sourced.


We use only the freshest premium ingredients in our products and adhere to stringent international health standards.



Experience the majestic mountain backdrop and native flora and fauna of the farm. Befriend and feed our beautiful gentle camels and meet their calves. Learn about their history, the incredible health benefits of camel milk and why it is the ultimate and most effective ingredient for your wellness inside and out.

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We offer Farm Tours for small and large groups where you can experience the inner workings of our farm. Get hands on with our camels, sample our produce, meet our farmers and learn about our methods unique and fascinating story. See where our Camels are milked, where our cheese is hand crafted and how our skin care is made. We welcome visitors of all ages.


Farm and Cafe Opening Hours:

Every Sunday: between 9am and 4.30pm

Cost: Entry is free


Farm Tours:

+ Every Sunday: at 11am and 1.30pm

+ Cost: $15 for Adults and $5 for Children under 12yrs

+ Bookings aren’t required for small groups for tours

+ Large group bookings during the week are available by appointment. Contact us here

Cafe & Store


Visit our Café and Retail Store on the Farm where you can sample the very best of Summer Land Camel Farm’s ever expanding artisanal products and produce. Housed within a magnificent 1930’s Federation style homestead, our seasonal menu showcases the very best of our Camel Milk cuisine and local Scenic Rim produce.

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Try our delectable dairy products including fresh milk, cheeses and gelato or raw honey from our apiary. We also sell specialist meat products such as sausages and burgers.


Find a secluded spot under a shady tree or bask in the sun on our spacious estate with a Picnic Hamper filled with cured meats, pickles, olives, fresh sourdough, cheeses, fruits, nuts and more.


Also available in the store are our much loved skin and body care products. Try the products in the ranges to take home with you to nourish your skin, body and hair and experience the Camel Milk glow.


Café and Store Opening Hours:

+ Every Sunday: between 9am and 4.30pm

For enquiries and bookings contact us here or via Social