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Dairy Pack



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Dairy Pack

All the goodness of our Summer Land Camels dairy products in one pack!

This pack is perfect for people with dairy allergies as camel milk contains no beta-casein.


1 litre Camel Milk: Our Award Winning camel milk is a great dairy alternative as it contains no beta-casein.
1 Camel Milk Persian Feta: Our award winning, handmade soft and smooth Camel Milk Persian Feta is rich and creamy with delicate flavours and a clean finish.
1 Camel Milk Fromage Blanc: Our award winning, smooth, creamy and slightly tart Camel Milk Fromage Blanc is the only one of its kind in Australia.
1 Camel Milk Haloumi: Camel Milk Haloumi is a magnificent version of a Mediterranean cheese.
2 bars Camel Milk Chocolate: The subtle flavours of camel milk and cocoa in our creamy camel milk chocolate come through the bar vibrantly because the milk is so accommodating to intricate tastes.


Camel Milk: gently pasteurised camel milk

Camel Milk Persian Feta: pasteurised camel milk, canola oil (gmo free), extra virgin olive oil, peppercorns, fresh thyme, garlic, salt, non animal rennet & culture

Camel Milk Fromage Blanc: pasteurised camel milk, salt, non animal rennet

Camel Milk Haloumi: pasteurised camel milk, salt, non animal rennet

Camel Milk Chocolate: sugar, cocoa butter, camel milk, cocoa mass, emulsifiers (322 from soy, 476)

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