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Thank You – Your Body Cream Worked a Miracle for Me!

Thank You – Your Body Cream Worked a Miracle for Me!

After seeing skin specialists for over a decade, Alison Piedade from Sydney thought she’d tried almost everything available to her. But when she visited our farm in October 2018 she went on our farm tour and what she learnt about camels, camel milk and the health benefits of camel milk blew her mind.

She tells us that she was really impressed by the research that our team is doing with the University of Qld and by the scientific evidence that was presented about camel milk.  She bought a bottle of our Camel Milk Body Cream after the tour and started using it immediately.

Alison was shocked by the results that she got.  She emailed us to say thank you and she’s told us that she’s very happy for us to share her result with you.

“I just wanted to contact you to say thank you. I have been using the Body Cream regularly since my visit and tour of Summer Land Camels in October. I started noticing positive changes to my skin within days (reduction in rosacea on my face and a very impressive reduction of keratosis pilaris on my upper arms too). As I have had a few issues with my skin and health I try to not get too excited about products I try until I see whether initial results continue.

None of the prescribed creams and health products were effective

As I could see improvements so soon, I decided to start putting the cream on the edge of my large toenail. For many years I had what a doctor had told me was most likely a fungal infection on that toe (well under the nail). I had tried a lot of different prescribed creams and health products to deal with it but none were effective. The only prescription medicine left to try was one that my doctor had told me some time ago was risky to use because of its potential to damage the liver. My toenail looked so bad that I felt obliged to cover the nail in coloured polish all the time. 

After about 4 weeks of using your Body Cream just around the edge of the nail, I took the nail colour off to have a look. To my surprise the problem seemed to have almost entirely cleared up!  So I kept up the regime. Just before Christmas I took another look and it seemed by then to have completely cleared up. 

Today I had an appointment with the Skin Specialist for a skin check so took all my nail polish off and asked the specialist to tell me if she thought any of the problem remained. After examination she told me there was ‘no sign of any fungal infection or psoriasis’. 

This might seem like a small thing but I am so pleased after being embarrassed by my toe all these years to have had such a great result in such a short period of use. Now if I use nail polish on my toenails it will be a choice rather than a cover up!”

You’ll find our entire Artisan Collection here and if you’d like to share your success story, please send an email to

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