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Recalibrate Yourself With Some Home Self Care

Recalibrate Yourself With Some Home Self Care

We are now spending more time at home than probably ever before. For some of us this is a YAY! And for others it’s a URRR. Although it can be a challenge to keep ourselves grounded, sane and happy in our environments, it can be a good time to connect with ourselves and set into place some nice self care rituals.

Slow Down, Be Mindful

Creating new self care rituals is a wonderful way to slow down, to be mindful of what you are doing and to savour moments.

So, let’s start thinking about ‘your’ sacred time.

Being mindful and slowing things slightly can assist us with taking a unified approach to our health, thinking about what experiences we would like for ourselves and what is it that we need to feel whole and well. Doing things like moving your body for at least 20 minutes daily, eating a rainbow of foods, drinking clean filtered water, getting enough quality sleep, feeding your brain with thought-provoking or new information, are all going to help oxygenate you blood and assist with feelings of wellbeing. And all this can lead to supporting your skin to be more radiant and luminous.

So, what are some nice self care rituals you can include as part of your home beauty routine to feel connected to all that surrounds you?

Firstly, using a nutrient-dense natural skincare product that contains zero nasties is always better to achieve the desired outcome on a holistic health level. We also now know, and it is well documented, that what we do, how we think and what we eat and drink has a profound impact on our health, both emotionally and physically, and reflects in our skins tone either in a positive or negative way[1]. Therefore, creating little holistic experiences helps to nurture ‘all’ of us.

If you can, lock yourself away in your bathroom for some ‘me time’ and use beautiful, natural skincare to enrich the experience. Use this alone time to consolidate your thoughts and let go of the things that are no longer serving you or aligning with your values.

Try These Self Care Rituals At Home 

A Cleopatra Bath Experience.

A wonderful way to relax your body and mind is to immerse yourself into water. A warm bath with a nourishing cream and essential oils to uplift can take you into a more meditative state and slow you down. An added bonus is that it removes you from electronic devices and helps you reconnect with yourself.

Directions – As your bath or spa is filling with warm water pump 4 – 8 pumps of Summer Land Camels nourishing Body Cream into your running bath. Agitate, put on some soothing music, light the candles and hop in. Close your eyes as you sink into the warm bath, listen to the soothing music and let your mind escape.

TIP – Include an exfoliation before your bath by brushing your skin with either a natural loofah or natural fibred skin brush for 5 minutes.

Facial Massage.

Self care with facial massaging not only makes you feel good but is great for your skin radiance. It promotes oxygen and blood flow in our skin and is a great way to release tension.  If you don’t have any massage oils at home, try Summer Land Camels Lip Conditioner, which also makes a great massage balm.

Directions – Apply a hazelnut size of Lip Conditioner to your hands – warm and massage your face, neck and décolletage using sweeping movements towards your heart. Deep breathing at the same time will help to decongest the skin and oxygenate the blood, which offers the skin more radiance.

TIP – For extra nourishment, apply the Summer Land Camel Milk Anti-aging Night Cream after massaging.

Hand or Foot Soak.

We tend to neglect our feet, but soaking them in warm water will help soothe and re-energize, especially after being on them for long periods of time. Try popping in one of Summer Land Camels’ cleansing bars in the warm water for 3 minutes for Camel Milk nourishment and essential oil stimulation. The Peppermint Cleansing Bar is wonderfully stimulating or the Rose Geranium and Lavender Cleansing Bar is relaxing and calming. Another alternative is to add a pump of the body wash or hand wash to the water.

Directions – Place your feet / hands into a bowl filled with warm water with a pump of the moisturising body wash or deeply cleansing hand wash. Soak for 8 – 10 minutes. This time not only enables you to relax, but also for the camel milk in the Summer Land Camels skincare products go to work. Plus, it cleanses, softens, and nourishes the skin, cuticles and nails.

TIP – No rinsing required. Gently pat dry, as this will leave the essential fatty acids and proteins found in the Camel Milk on your skin for extended moisturising.

Hand or Foot Massage.

The philosophy of reflexology suggests that our whole body is represented in our feet and our hands. By massaging your feet or your hands this can increase circulation, reduce stress, energize and relax you. With frequent hand washing, it is also important to look after your skin, which can become dry, cracked and sore.

Directions – Apply a pump or two of the Summer Land Camels soothing Hand Cream to your hands or feet. Using your own hands or a massage wand, massage the cream into the soles of your feet or the palm of your hands for five minutes each side. Then, pay attention to your nails by gently pushing back your cuticles, and ensure you give your heals special attention too.

TIP – For extra dry or cracked skin apply the Lip Conditioner for an intensive treatment. 

One Final Tip…

When using any of Summer Land Camels Artisan skincare products – STOP, close your eyes, hold both hands up to your nose and take a BIG breath in through your nose. The essential oils work on your olfactory system which will reset, calm and restore you. 

At Summer Land Camels our approach to our skincare is simple, natural and true. Optimising your skin health by using any of our natural and nourishing skincare products, which are made with our amazingly good-for-you camel milk, will inspire you to try some home self care rituals. Camel Milk is rich in almost everything your skin and hair needs to be happy and healthy. So what are you waiting for!? Go and try it.

View our entire range for your face, body, hair and hands here.


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