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Kiwi Couple Move to Australia for Camel Milk

Kiwi Couple Move to Australia for Camel Milk

Phil Cottle and his wife visited our farm in January 2019 while on holiday in Australia. What he discovered here about the benefits of Camel Milk and Camel Milk Skincare has changed his life and the health of his family.  Such were the results that he was able to convince his wife to move to Australia to access our products more readily!

Here’s his story:

Whilst visiting Summer Land Camels back in January we did a farm tour, a camel ride and learnt about the health benefits of Camel Milk.

A Glass of Camel Milk

Our oldest daughter Kellie (25) suffers from dairy lactose intolerance, bad asthma and hayfever. He suggested that Kellie should try taking a glass of camel milk each night before bed so we purchased 4 litres of Camel Milk .

That night we got Kellie to take the milk and this was repeated each night that we were with her. After about two days most of the symptoms were gone. This lasted while she took the milk and when she stopped, her symptoms returned.

Our second daughter Stacey (21) is a carrier for the staph bug. This causes her to break out into boils every time she gets a cut or skin infection. So once again we spoke to the team at Summer Land who suggested that Stacey should dramatically change her diet and use the Camel Milk Cream as well. Stacey is a chef in the New Zealand Army so eating the right foods is a challenge.

Just the other day I asked her how she was going and let her know that Summer Land Camels now ship products to NZ. She was over the moon!  Stacey said that every time she thinks she’s going to get a boil, she applies the product to the cut or skin infection which completely stops the infection from becoming a boil.

Benefits of Camel Milk Body Cream

I have also experienced the benefits of the Camel Milk Body Cream. I have short hair and I find that I get a dry itchy scalp. So the other day after a shower I got hold of my wife’s Camel Milk Body Cream (which she swears by) and rubbed it into my scalp. I have done this now for three days in a row and it has completely relieved the itchiness.

Due to the great success of your products, I managed to convince my wife that we should move to Australia. We now live in Charters Towers and we thoroughly enjoy it here. I have just ordered more of the product and I plan to get more to send to the kids in NZ.

Phil Cottle

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