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Eat Local Week 2021

Eat Local Week 2021

In the Winter school holidays Summer Land Camels took part in the now-famous Scenic Rim Eat Local Week program which celebrated its 10th year. Scenic Rim Regional Council, along with local producers around the region, had planned the biggest program in the event’s history with over 125 events across 48 locations and we were excited and honoured to be part of it.

Eat Local Week at Summer Land Camels was a huge success this year despite the unwelcome interruption of the COVID lockdown that unfortunately occurred during the 10 day program.  We still had so many visitors come out from the city to have a fun day in the country, connecting with our camels and learning more about where their food comes from.

Fortunately our major events were scheduled early in the week which meant we only had to reschedule one event.  As usual, we ran extra Farm Tours and Camel Rides every day that we were able to be open through the entire school holidays.  We had so many of our visitors tell us what an amazing experience it was to meet our friendly camels, hear about all the amazing health benefits of Camel Milk and to learn what we are doing to save wild Australian camels from destruction. 

Here is a quick a wrap-up of our Eat Local Week program:

Eat Local Week Markets

Eat Local Week Markets at Summer Land Camels 2021

What a fun day this was!  The weather was great despite the predictions to the contrary.  Thousands of visitors came throughout the day to browse the 50+ market stalls, enjoy lunch from our café, our BBQ or one of our food vendors, enjoy live music and a drink and of course feed and pat our lovely camels.  We had 2 Tour & Taste Farm Tours scheduled and both of those drew a good crowd.  We ran special Market Day Camel rides throughout the day, which were enjoyed by many!

A highlight of the day was a special treat for our amazing stall holders.  Once everything was set up and before the crowds arrived, Evie conducted an inspection of the markets, making sure that everything was up to her very high standard.  Our stall holders loved meeting Evie and getting some pics with her.

Country Markets at Summer Land Camels

If you missed our Markets in June, you don’t have to wait too long for the next one.  We have four market days per year – one in each school holidays so check out our What’s On page for more details.

Sunset Cocktails with the Camels

The perfect ending to our Eat Local Week Market Day!  Our guests who had pre-booked enjoyed a beautiful sunset in our café and gardens with a delicious charcuterie platter and cocktails made with our Camel Milk & Honey Vodka.  Sunset is a special time at the farm as the light softens to a dim glow around Flinders Peak our camels meander in the fading light.

Sunset Cocktails with the Camels at Summer Land

We have Sunset Cocktails as a regular event – usually monthly.  Check out our What’s On page for details.


Little Farmer Humpty Day

Kids feeding the Camels at Summer Land Camels

Another massive event on the Eat Local Week Calendar is our special Children’s Day.  On Monday 28th June, families from all over Southeast Qld converged at Summer Land Camel Farm for a fun day with the Camels. 

Paul Martin talks to kids at Summer Land Camels Humpty Day

Over 500 kids, parents and grandparents attended throughout the day and from all reports (and the abundance of smiles) all had a ton of fun!  Included in the ticket prices were Kid’s Farm Tours, Camel feed, games and arts and craft.  Visitors were also able to experience a Camel ride and enjoy a yummy sausage sizzle, lunch in the café or a gelato.  It was fantastic to see so many new faces who discovered the joy of Camels for the very first time!

Camel Rides at Summer Land Camels Eat Local Week

Every day is a wonderful day at the farm for kids, but we do try to host a special Kid’s Day during each school holidays so for more info about upcoming Children’s Days, check out our What’s On page.


Tour & Taste Farm Tours and Camel Rides

Throughout Eat Local Week and the entire June-July school holidays (except the days of the Southeast Qld COVID lockdown) we were running Farm Tours and Camel Rides daily.  During our farm tour, our guests meet our gentle camels, see the babies in the nursery yard, learn about camels and Australia's camel history.  They also learn about wild/feral camels and how trust is developed with their cameleers. They find out about Camel Milk, its powerful immune proteins and anti-aging ingredients and how the so called 'white gold' benefits human health as food and skincare.  The tour is finished with tasting our delicious Camel Milk produce.

Camel Milk Tasting - Tour & Taste Farm Tour at Summer Land

Camel rides are a bucket-list item for many people and it is a special way to bond with these amazing creatures.  During the 10-15 minute ride through our gardens and dairy area, our guests ride along in a traditional camel caravan ride following a safety briefing and helmet fitting.  They learn about camel saddles and how they differ from other saddles and gain an understanding of camel behaviour and how we can communicate with camels through body language. The experience can be finished off with a photo with our riding camels after the ride.

Camel Rides and Farm Tours run several days per week all year with added days during school holiday periods.  Find out more, check availability and book here.


Sunrise Camel Ride & Breakfast

Sunrise Camel Ride & Breakfast - Eat Local Week 2021

Each morning throughout Eat Local Week, a number of guests arrived early for a once in a life-time experience.  This is a unique one hour+ ride during which our guests connect with our Camels and the Flora and Fauna surrounding Summer Land Camels’ 850-acre farm while enjoying the sunrise over the mountains to the east.  This amazing experience was followed by a delicious breakfast at our Homestead Café after the trek. 

If you feel inspired to take on this adventure, there is no need to wait for Eat Local Week.  Our Sunrise Ride and Breakfast runs several times each week, check out all the details and book here.


Sunrise Dairy Tour & Breakfast

Camels being milked in the dairy at Summer Land Camels

This event was a unique opportunity to see our lovely Camels being milked in the dairy with a personal tour with our CEO Paul Martin.  This event had to be rescheduled due to the COVID lockdown and it proceeded the following Friday on a drizzly morning.  The group ended up being a relatively small number of people, most of whom have been long-time fans and supporters who braved the weather because they realized this was an event not to be missed.  They were treated to an up close and personal experience with our dairy camels and Paul was able to answer all their questions about our fascinating industry. 


Scenic Rim Eat Local Week started in 2011 when a group of local producers, farmers and tourism operators planted the idea as a way to shine the light on the flavours and faces of the region; an event to encourage people to look to their backyard for seasonal food and pay tribute to the people that produce it.  Despite this year’s program being interrupted by a COVID lockdown, we are pleased that we were still able to connect with so many friends and fans, old and new alike and fulfill the mission of Eat Local Week!

We’re looking forward to being a part of Eat Local Week again next year!

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