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After trying 15 different creams, the Camel Milk Body Cream returned skin to wellness

After trying 15 different creams, the Camel Milk Body Cream returned skin to wellness

After experiencing red, dry and irritated skin for about 3 years, Remy’s skin achieved wellness after applying our Camel Milk Body Cream for only a few weeks.

Here, Remy shares his story:

About 3 years ago I started to have issues with my skin on my face (for unknown reasons). It became red and dry whenever it felt like it. I tried at least 15 different creams, some of them made it better for a couple of weeks, others made it worse. I had even started wearing make up to cover the redness for work commitments, social events, etc. About 3 weeks before my wedding I really wanted to get it fixed to get good photos and also because when I became stressed it became a lot worse.

I decided to go see a dermatologist who gave me a cream with cortisone… miracle! It worked! After two days, everything was gone and my skin was ‘fixed’. Little did I know that this cream was really bad for me and actually destroying the immunity system on my face.

When I found out about the body cream at the camel farm, I was sceptical having tried many different things in the past. But I was tired of using a cream that was really bad for me so I thought… Let’s try it.

The dermatologist had told me that my condition was chronic and it would not get fixed but we could manage it.

After only a few weeks of applying this incredible body cream from Summer Land Camels, my skin was back to normal. No more headaches, no more cortisone creams… amazing!

I’d like to personally thank the team at Summer Land Camels who has helped me with the process. This product is simply amazing and there is no way I will stop using it!

If you have a skin condition of some sort, do yourself a favour and talk to someone at this beautiful farm and get it fixed. You’ll be blown away with the results!

 Remy Durieux


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