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Skin and Gut Issues Halved in One Week with Camel Milk

Skin and Gut Issues Halved in One Week with Camel Milk

Alison is excited and enjoying life again after experiencing significant improvement from painful and embarrassing health issues. Alison has finally found relief by using our Camel Milk Powder and Camel Milk Skincare.

Alison contacted us to share the life-changing results that she has experienced after purchasing our Complete Artisan Camel Milk Skin Care Range.  She has now added Camel Milk (Powder) to her diet which is improving her health by leaps and bounds.  Alison said, “My skin and gut issues have halved in just one week!” 

Healing the Skin

Alison has a skin condition called perioral dermatitis.   This has made her very self-conscious and she said, “People would look at me like I was a drug addict” because of the unsightly sores on her face.  After trying our skin care products she said, “My sores are healing, the redness has improved and the itch is gone.”


Healing the Skin with Camel Milk - Before


Healing the skin with camel milk - after

Improvements in Gut Health

Alison also has trigonitis of the bladder and if she has too much salt, sugar or processed foods she says she gets the most unexplainable pain.  There is no medication that helps her.  She hopes to heal her gut from all the pain killers and antibiotics she has been taking and in her search for gut prebiotics and probiotics, Camel Milk caught her attention.

Since using Summer Land Camels Camel Milk Powder, Alison said, “My bladder is working better, little to no pain and my skin is also getting a glow back. I just feel better within myself and seriously love the taste of the milk. I won’t lie, I was wondering if I could stomach it but, it’s creamy & delicious and has now it’s replaced all my other milk.  It’s like a warm hug of a morning to start my day. Just an absolute feel-good product!” 

Alison not only loves our products but also acknowledges our amazing Camels that make this all possible for her.  “Have a wonderful day, give your camels a big kiss for me… my husband is convinced he will come home to a camel in the backyard shortly 😉 Thank you for your Camel Milk.  I look forward to seeing what a few more months brings.”


About Summer Land Camel Milk Skincare: Made with natural ingredients and pure, liquid Camel Milk. It is designed to make your skin well and to support and restore your skins natural processes, including your skin microbiome. View our entire range for your face, body, hair and hands here

Camel Milk Skincare

About Summer Land Camels Camel Milk Powder: Our fresh award-winning Camel Milk is freeze dried to lock in the pure goodness.Pure Australian Camel Milk, 100% natural, no additives or preservatives and a rich source of vitamins and minerals.  Available in 100g and 200g re-sealable bags. Learn more about the benefits of Camel Milk. View the Camel Milk Powder in our online Shop.

Gut Health with Camel Milk Powder





Everyone’s skin is different so what may work for some may not work for others. We recommend that you consult a health professional to seek advice for skin and gut treatment.



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