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Itchy, Red and Irritated Hands Rejuvenated with Camel Milk Hand Cream

Itchy, Red and Irritated Hands Rejuvenated with Camel Milk Hand Cream

The constant use of hand sanitisers and hand washing had taken its toll on Lynette’s sensitive hands. Working with the general public has required her to reapply hand sanitiser many times during the day, which resulted in Lynette’s hands becoming itchy, red and irritated.

Lynette tried a number of other hand creams to help soothe and repair her hands, however they did not help, were greasy and did not absorb properly into her skin nor provide a protective barrier.

Lynette was fortunate that a friend had purchased Summer Land Camel Milk Hand Cream for her to try.

Hands rejuvenated to softness

After one application, Lynette instantly fell in love with the smell and richness of the hand cream.

“I kept using the hand cream over the days that followed, and realised that my hands were no longer itchy or irritated. And within a week, the redness was gone and they were soft again,” said Lynette.

When asked if she would recommend the product?

“Absolutely! With so many products that promise so much, this one actually lives up to the promise.”

Itchy hands restored

Lynette Daly’s hands were restored after using the Summer Land Camel Milk Hand Cream


Repair and soothe

Suitable for all skin types and daily use, the Summer Land Camel Milk Hand Cream is a protective and repairing hand cream for busy hands. The healing properties of camel milk blended with soothing botanicals, coconut, aloe vera and avocado oil, hydrate and restore your hands leaving them feeling smooth and supple.  

Summer Land Camel Milk Artisan Skincare Range is made with natural ingredients and is free from nasties. These natural ingredients are blended with fresh and pure, liquid camel milk, which is sourced from our ethical, biodynamic farm.

Camel Milk will repair, protect and restore your skin and offers natural skin nutrition and support no matter the skin condition. It is one of the richest, natural sources of vitamins, minerals and immune proteins that help with skin nutrition, repair, protection and rejuvenation.

Save money with our Repair & Soothe Hand Care Pack  which includes our Hand Wash, Hand Cream and a Cleansing Bar.

Shop online and view our entire range for your face, body, hair and hands, or visit our Farm Shop and Cafe at 8 Charles Chauvel Dr, Harrisville, Qld.

Lynette Daly – Summer Land Camel Milk Hand Cream Review

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