Camel Rides

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Enjoy riding our beloved camels, one of humanity’s most trusted and ancient animal companions. Strong, stable, gentle, intelligent beauties with personalities that you’re sure to fall in love with.

    I took my children to the family humpty day. Can I just say, it was a fantastic day. My children absolutely loved spending time with the camels. We did a farm tour, found out some very interesting fact; with my children are still rattling off to me. They rode the camels which they loved! They tried camel milk, one thought it tasted like normal milk the other thought it tasted different. They loved the gelato. My favourite thing was and is the Persian feta! Thank you for your farm and your family days! You help me make memories with my children.

    thumb Mary Kate

    Such a great day out! I never knew how beneficial camel milk is for your health. Jeff really knows his stuff & the tour was both interesting & very informative. My son had so much fun riding, patting & feeding the camels. The cafe is lovely & the food was amazing! We can't wait to go back!

    thumb Megan Barnes