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Enjoy riding our beloved camels, one of humanity’s most trusted and ancient animal companions. Strong, stable, gentle, intelligent beauties with personalities that you’re sure to fall in love with.

    My kids and I came up to visit summer land camels yesterday. What a lovely place . We loved the atmosphere the people most definitely the camels. We did the shortened version of the tour because it was humpty day but was still extremely informative. The food is awesome. We loved the camel products and bought milk , feta cheese, soap and camel sausages to take home. We fed the camels and took lots of photos and videos. I am raving about the place. Telling everyone I know. We will be up again very soon. Lovely place and very welcoming. Your camels are beautiful. By the way I have been drinking your milk since yesterday and have pretty big digestion issues. And it’s amazing the difference I feel after consuming camel milk compared to drinking cows milk. Can’t wait to visit again. Cheers

    thumb Nelly Volkers

    Awesome day out! The staff were excellent and Jeff’s tour was really interesting and informative 😊 the camels 🐪 were super cute and friendly too, my favourites were the babies and the ones we got to feed. Looking forward to going back and purchasing some products. 10/10

    thumb Kelly Dryden