Our Story

Summer Land Camels believes we should live feeling authentically connected. Connected to the nature around us, our health and source of nourishment.


We focus on ethical, sustainable and organic farming principles. Over 550 Australian Camels graze on our lush native pastures grown in our volcanic mineral rich soil. Sustainable production of Camel Milk and Camel Milk products are our passion at Summer Land Camels. We want our customers to experience the richness and beauty of our farm through our products.


Our founders began researching the health benefits of camel milk and farming over 16 years ago. Today we have over 30 years of unrivalled experience in biodynamic holistic farming techniques and land regeneration to build a resilient farm eco-system without the use of chemicals, insecticides or pesticides. Partnered with a deep understanding of the health and immune system, everything we do is fundamentally rooted in expertise and with the clear intent to optimise the health and well-being of our camels and our customers.


Most of our camels are brought in from the wild in Central Australia, where they would otherwise be inhumanely culled. Our larger vision, supported by the Federal and State Governments, is to turn what is considered a national agricultural challenge into one of the country’s largest assets, by saving Camels from being culled and supporting human health with the milk they produce.


We care for our camels with world first low stress handling techniques to minimise stress, ensure the herd structure is respected and the mother and calf bond is maintained throughout. Our herd is loved and nurtured by a team lead by one of the world’s leading Camelid Veterinarians using holistic health care techniques.

ABOUT US DIFFERENCE camel farm and Camel Dairy Australia - Summer Land Camels

Summer Land Camels Difference


Our unique products are crafted with intent and care to enhance your wellness.

+ Pure Provenance

We grow, source and manufacture on our farm. This ensures we maintain complete quality control of our products and maximize their efficacy.

+ Nourishment from the Ground Up

Our farm is located on mineral rich volcanic soils in which the feed is grown and the camels graze. Mineralised Spring Water enriches the crops and the Camel’s wellbeing. We operate biodynamically in harmony with the land and the seasons.

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+ Our Camels

Our animals are pasture raised, nurtured and nourished with a nutrient dense diet of sustainable feed and native plant species. This shines through in the quality of our Milk.


+ Milk Processing and Manufacturing

Freshness is paramount to quality. We harvest, store and manufacture our Milk products on the farm. We use a gentle pasturisation process that retains the bioavailability of the Milk’s active properties.


+ Scientifically Proven

We’re the only Camel Dairy in the world that actively invests in scientifically researching and innovating the best methods of processing the Camel Milk, to ensure the purest, most potent and highest integrity product.


+ Liquid Vs Powdered Milk

We use pure liquid Camel Milk that is not subjected to high temperatures or high-pressure chemical processes in our products. Most soap and skin care manufacturers use chemically treated milk powder with inactive ingredients.

ABOUT US PURPOSE PHILOSOPHY camel farm and Camel Dairy Australia - Summer Land Camels

Purpose and Philosophy


Our customers’ wellness is at the heart of all that we create. We go to great lengths to ensure our products lead you closer to your true health. Our products are a potent source of vital health benefits, generating wellness inside and out.

We produce premium Camel products to enrich the everyday lifestyle of our customers. Key to our purpose is ensuring these health benefits are accessible to those who need them most.

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Our farming practices, animal care and manufacturing maintain the highest global standards. As commitment to the integrity and efficacy of our products, we manage every step of the production process ourselves.


Quality is inherent in everything we do from tending our land, to nurturing our animals, harvesting our ingredients, formulating our products and crafting the finished product through to delivering a unique experience to our customers.

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Our values form the foundation of our business. We pour our heart and soul into ensuring they’re present in everything we produce. They drive us in the pursuit of quality and integrity of our products, services and experiences.

Our Values

+ Sustainable + Ethical

+ Integrity + Respect

+ Quality Craftsmanship


Summer Land Camels uses holistic methods of clean, biodynamic and sustainable agriculture to cultivate our farm’s healthy complex eco-system. We operate in harmony with the land and the seasons. Our land is free from synthetic and chemical inputs like fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides. Our intention is to respect and protect the land and animals rather than deplete them.

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Environmental responsibility and the long-term future of the Australian Camel Agricultural Industry are crucial to our business.


Our products are:

Australian Owned and Made

Not tested on animals