A glass of Camel Milk a day has improved stomach health

A glass of Camel Milk a day has improved stomach health

Casey Lee was experiencing gut discomfort before turning to camel milk to heal her gut. Read Casey’s story below on how drinking 120ml of our Camel Milk a day has improved her gut wellbeing.

“I was a vegan for 4.5 years until a year and a half ago. The lectins, oxalates and plant toxins in the huge amount of plant foods I was consuming led to leaky gut, poor digestion and severe bloating and discomfort. For the last year, I have been having 120ml (sometimes I can’t stop though and have a lot more…) of Summer Land Camel Milk medicinally every morning on an empty stomach. I have felt such a difference in my stomach as I have been eating a lectin and oxalate-free diet in conjunction to replenishing my gut biome with the help of the camel milk. I no longer experience bloating or discomfort, and l love enjoying a glass every day to start my morning with healthy fatty acids that fuel my brain for a work day.”

Have you tried our camel milk and seen improvements to your gut health? We’d love to hear from you! You can email us at admin@summerlandcamels.com.au

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